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The SourceForge Version of the pvWiki WikiWeb by TimeLess
Creation Date: Fri 9 Jun 2000 at 16:29 Pacific(USA)
Last Change: Tue 17 Apr 2001 at 11:02 Pacific(USA)

For some reason, SourceForge keeps resetting directory permissions in my cgi-bin folder. What this means to you, is actually using the UploadFunctionality won't work, and trying to CreateANewPage won't work, either. Sorry... download the source and install it on your own webserver.
The pvWiki Wiki System
An Overview
You're at the pvWiki Wiki, executing on the SourceForge servers. You may sign up on this and change these pages around to get the feel for this. Don't do anything destructive. Find a new page that doesn't already exist, create one, and play around from there. [Sorry... that won't work, see the note at the top of this page...] Don't go whacking any useful information if you can help it. Thanks...
MultiLingual Capabilities
I've tried to add enough functionality so that my TaiwaneseBig5 speaking girlfriend can use this. Please use this functionality and help me debug it!
Please visit the project SourceForge page, here.
Misc Stuff

Music and entertainment
MP3 dot Com

Sites we like

Wiki Users (in alphabetical order)

Rules of etiquette, how to edit pages, etcetera.
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Legal Discourse: The pvWiki system is copyright (C) 2000 by Philo Vivero (tim ellis) and released under the terms of the GnuPublicLicense (GPL), an implementation of the Gnu Copyleft. It is an implementation that is mostly inspired by the Wiki system, developed by one WardCunningham and in particular by the Kehei Wiki by BobRacko.