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是 中 文 ^_^ by PhiloVivero
Creation Date: Sun 29 Oct 2000 at 00:25 Pacific(USA)
Last Change: Sun 29 Oct 2000 at 00:25 Pacific(USA)

In order to view this page and subsequent pages, you should switch your browser to view in Traditional Chinese (Big5) character set.

In the future, we can change the pvWiki to put special headers at the top that let your browser know to do this, but for now, we haven't. What you would do is, if you want all pages to be Big5, put the information in the template headers so all pages will be Big5. This has worked for me.

Maybe you should go read the page... 碧芬的 -- and it should lead to a new page of indescribable strange ASCII sequence of characters. Be warned, if you know Chinese, that this gets a little silly. I'm not a native Chinese speaker.

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